Pink House Press - the Periptero

day 1

Welcome to explore new stories!
The Pink House Press is back and its growing with a new magazine release on 3 days event full of surprises

The ground flour of the pink house is transforming into a cosy neighbourhood with a kiosk aka (gr.)periptero installation, that you can find a variety of booklets, magazines, newspapers and many-more to come,±±± ,,, still printing !!


release of Php 2 - the power to move your buisness
With contributions by:
Karina Beumer, Willem Coenen, Cosmopolite inc, Olga Evangelidou, Giannis Galiatsos, Maika Garnica, Alexis Gautier, Harry Heirmans, Erin Helsen, Constantine Lianos, Jef Meyer, Pat McCarthy, Mathias MU, Nashek, An Onghena, Ria Pacquée, Mia Syn, Adrien Tirtiaux, Luisa Ungar, Lieven Van Dercruyssen, Puck Vonk, Sam Watson, Eleanor Wright, Ersi Varveri, Gijs Waterschoot

~Side project~
in-between floor # Machteld Bernaert invites Christos Papasotiriou # installation # collaboration

this project initiated by Ersi Varveri,Gijs Watershoot

realisation by Camille Cluzan, Ersi Varveri, Gijs Watershoot 

special thanks to Karina Beumer, Adam Galach and Bram Van Meervelde

thanks to DJNOT I and Radio Salvia for the music


thanks to Frederik Vergaert, Christos Papasotiriou, Camille Cluzan, Erin Helsen, Boris van Heerden, Cosmopolite, Harry Heirmans, Alexis Gautier, J. Krissis, Giannis Galiatsos, Constantine Lianos, Michela Dal Brollo, Valentin Cernat, Rien Schellemans, Victoria Iranzo, Daniel V.E., Jesus Eloy, Fabio Ramirez Enrique

We close at 9 in the morning, like the newspapers

The early ones that catches the last news

What can I send you? Something else?





Periptero is like a night shop, but also during the day, standing on the pavement, surrounded by ,,,

you can find ,, wait wiki says you can find:

… condoms, handkerchiefs, various snacks, nuts, matches, lighters, tobacco products, fixed and mobile phone prepaid cards, candies, chewing gum, gums and chocolates. Hundreds of other products can be found in the store’s shops, which are meant to serve everyone, especially at times when other niche stores are closed. So, depending on the fan’s imagination depending on the location and estimated needs of his potential customers, one can find different kinds of gifts, leather wallets, belts, tampers, dolls, toys, balls, decks, mobile phone accessories, toothbrushes, toothpastes, creams or shaving foam, razor blades, threads, needles, pins, pins, buttons, instant adhesives, footwear polishes, application forms, stamps, mail folders, pencils, scrubs, scrapers, umbrellas, hats, fishing tackle, slippers, flippers, diving masks, bath towels, urban transport tickets, coffees, isotonic drinks, beers and more.


Periptero looks like a closet but like if you open it and put the inside out . Periptero is also the  temple, of course 

no columns ,, a lot of selves

-the temple of the ‘goods’

whatever you can buy on the way

?!street life shop!? 

2x2 more or less



linking united stories 

United linking stories 















I found it outside my house


I put a stone to take it later



Your place or mine?


Mr and Mrs Afterall 

Pink House Press - the Periptero * day 2

guest Adam Galach

Pink House Press - the Periptero * day 3

workshop 'kleurplaat' with Karina Beumer

Pink House Press - the Periptero 

guest Bram Van Meervelde